What will I learn?


Collecting and processing real-time user feedback in a captive, live audience environment.

Have you ever wanted to try something and have the ability to get feedback from users at scale? During this pop-out, we’ll focus on the large-scale testing experience by closely collaborating with the San Jose Sharks.

After we immerse ourselves as fans, digest the research and personas identified by the Sharks and review current venue testing efforts, we’ll provide students time to ideate and prototype the tests for the game. Once you complete your first set of prototypes, you’ll focus on a series of exercises that will help you prepare for your testing experience at SAP Center.

Testing exercises include, but are not limited to:

  • Testing with technology (mobile application messaging)

  • Testing with users in different locations at a venue (structured and unstructured).

  • Testing remotely (relying on technology to observe from afar)

Students will also receive training with some techniques on how to best process feedback from users, in order to improve on the next round of testing. We’ll build on the standard feedback (“What Worked?”, “What Didn’t Work?”, Questions, Ideas) and encourage students to build their own artifact that will be specifically designed for testing at scale.

We’ll use this framework to consider ways to improve the sports fan experience in 2019 and beyond. How does the experience differ for fans who are looking for more immersive experience versus “just the game”? How can we make the in-venue experience a “can’t miss” versus watching from home, and make it even more personal based on the fans passion for other sports clubs? During this weekend’s pop-out class, you’ll get the opportunity to get in front of these fans and see if we can help the Sharks deliver the magic for years to come.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Araceli Ortiz
Broad Resident, Chicago Public Schools

Ward Bullard
Past Chair, Stanford Athletics Board

Whitney Hallock
Manager of Creative Services, San Jose Sharks