What will I learn?


Building your creative confidence today, so that you have it when you need it tomorrow.

Does performing on a stage in front of a live audience terrify you? Then you should take this class.

You are constantly thrown into situations that you didn’t expect and where you need to deliver. A tough conversation, an impromptu pitch, an experiment gone awry. Sometimes a contingency plan will help you get through it. More often than not, you are asked to improvise.

In this class we will explore how the performative aspects of improvisational theater can prepare you for high-stakes settings (in school and professional life) such as presentations, advocating for your point-of-view, and giving and receiving feedback. You will be trained as a theatrical improvisor and given the support and tools you need to perform improvised theater in front of an audience at the end of the class. Along the way you will develop muscles of resilience, physical presence, and spontaneity that will allow you to perform under pressure elsewhere in life and work.

Take this class if any of the following quotes apply to you:

“Improv looks scary, I would never do that.”
“Ugh, I have to talk to my boss/advisor tomorrow. I’m so nervous.”
“I hate showing up without a perfect plan.”
“I would rather write a 50 page paper than talk for 5 minutes in public.”
“I hate being put on the spot.”

This class is meant to be a challenge but not painful. We promise to take good care of you and create a safe space for experimentation. Also, it will be super fun!

Teaching Team

Mona Thompson
David Havens
Erik Olesund


Any questions?


Email erik@dschool.stanford.edu