What will I learn?


Investigate what matters to Oakland residents and create visual stories

In this 2-day intensive you will have the opportunity to explore Oakland as a city and as a context for learning. You will collaborate with the design team for a new project-based learning high school called Latitude 37.8 High School. Together we will build our design thinking abilities as we discover what it means to use an equity-conscious lens for field work in an urban context. We will create visual stories to share our learning and present them to a public audience. The designs you create will contribute to projects high school students will engage when the school opens in Fall 2018. Across the weekend you will get to know local designers, makers, storytellers and entrepreneurs as well as long-time Oakland residents.

Teaching Team

Lillian Hsu - Head of School, Latitude 37.8
Susie Wise - Designer, School Retool
Local Oakland designers will join us across the 2-day intensive


Any questions?


Email susie@dschool.stanford.edu