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Finding your authentic voice as a design interviewer

Have you ever found yourself dreading an interview, unsure of where to start the conversation? Have you blanked on what to ask next? Felt invasive continuing to ask why, and then why again? Found your mind wandering during your interviewee’s answer, realizing that you’ll need to ask them to repeat everything? If so, we hope you’ll join us to unpack the tensions of interviewing, and develop new, more inclusive interviewing styles, techniques, guides, and processes for interviewers. You will walk away from this pop-out with a shareable artifact, full of new interviewing techniques that help you and others embrace your own unique interview style.

Teaching Team

Em Havens, Senior Community & Systems Designer at IDEO U
Shelley Williamson, Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Square
Laura Pickel - UX Designer at SAP


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