What will I learn?


Humans are complex. The parts of our identity we share with the world may not represent the real values or needs that are truly important to us. In this Pop Out you’ll practice tools for going a layer deeper in your empathy work, and reveal hidden or untold needs from users. Teams will work alongside high school students to explore the layers of the student experience, and will design ways to surface authentic voices during design work. 

This class is co-designed and taught by the K12 Lab and Ever Forward, a community group that mentors high school students in Oakland and beyond. By combining the expertise of the d.school K12 Lab with community members and high school students who are in field, this class provide a real-world context to social science, psychology and community building and its direct connection to education.


Ashanti Branch, Ever Forward

Devon Young, d.school K12 Lab

Laura McBain, d.school K12 Lab