What will I learn?


Learn the ins and outs of high-speed filmmaking in the digital age; writing, directing, shooting, and editing. We’ll do it through a rapid prototyping approach to filmmaking. Whether you have tons of experience or none, you’ll leave with new tactics that will up your storytelling, filmmaking, and design chops simultaneously.  These techniques are useful whether you plan to move to Hollywood or create a video for the web.

Project-based: students will design, write, shoot, edit, and screen a short film in the span of one week. It’s going to be quick, but intense, kind of like cross-fit for your storytelling and video creating muscles. You’ll sweat a bit, but you’ll feel confident afterwards. Students should be prepared to spend significant amount of out of class work-time creating movies: for one week + one weekend.


Learn With

Teaching Team

Bill Guttentag, Lecturer, GSB, Oscar Winning Filmmaker

Scott Doorley, Creative Director, d.school

Seamus Harte, Storytelling & Media Curriculum Designer, d.school


Any questions?

How can I contact the teaching team?

Email us at: Seamus@dschool.stanford.edu