What will I learn?


Explore ways to deepen genuine human connection across borders.

In this intermediate-level, four-day intensive you will design as part of a cross-cultural team working together to collect data, synthesize, and ideate from different countries. You will learn how you can be empathic, creative, and agile as a team, even when you are halfway across the world from each other!

Stanford students will work with Amnesty International staff and activists located in Mexico City, Mexico.  You will stretch mindsets, methods, and tools for design thinking in geographically distributed teams. You will learn how teammates in different parts of the world, working with different kinds of users, can engage in symmetric learning. Together, you will explore how the human rights movement across the Americas can find creative ways to connect and engage young people worldwide with human rights supporters.

Stanford students are expected to have had previous classes and/or experience with design thinking methods.

Apply for this class if you want to learn how to:

●      Build trust and connection with teammates who are far away and come from different cultural contexts.
●      Build empathy, synthesize, ideate, and prototype together when you are in different parts of the world.
●      Develop your ability to design your own remote design work.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Glenn Fajardo

Director of Co-Design Practice, TechSoup Global Network, TechSoup

Kal Joffres

CEO, Tandemic

Jim Kalbach

Head of Customer Success, MURAL

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glenn.fajardo@gmail.com, kal@joffr.es