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Create new solutions for people to navigate housing, medical, and debt problems

How can emerging technologies and human-centered design be used to help people going through problems with housing, medical care, and debt? In this class, we will work with local partners to develop new tech and design prototypes to address poverty-related problems. We will explore new digital solutions, as well as how to use emerging technologies like AI and blockchain. At the same time, we will explore policy and legal reforms that could address root causes of the problems.

Students will work in small, interdisciplinary teams with partners organizations in law, medicine, and policy. They will do design research in the field, propose new solutions and test them, and develop new initiatives that will be piloted. The goal is to incubate promising, feasible public interest technology and design projects.

The class will be run in parallel to similar classes in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. Students will have the chance to learn about similar innovation efforts in other countries, and will be challenged to think about how their own projects could be replicated and scaled.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Margaret Hagan
Law + Design

Kajal Khanna
Medicine, Law, and Policy

David Grusky
Sociology, Public Policy, Poverty Center

Jorge Gabriel Jimenez
Law and Open Government


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How can I contact the teaching team?

Email Margaret at mdhagan@stanford.edu


  • Winter & Spring 2019

  • 4 Units/Quarter

  • Letter Grade

  • M/W 10:30-12:20

  • Studio C


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