What will I learn?


Engaging clinicians, families, policy experts, technologists and YOU to imagine and redesign post-neonatal ICU care.

In this class, our aim is to imagine novel interventions that may reduce health disparities for discharged NICU babies with medical complexity. We will be focused on patients and families from low-income communities served by Stanford's General Pediatrics Division. This class will define and address Essential Disparities in child health, informed by national evidence and community needs assessments. We will engage hospitals, clinicians, families, social service experts, policy experts, technologists and YOU to imagine and redesign post-NICU care. Students will participate in a field trip to the hospital Neonatal ICU, and visit homes of discharged NICU families. Students will enjoy an expert panel day incorporating a parent advocate, policy and hospital experts. From this research, students will design products, services and systems firmly rooted in human-centered design methodology.

Learn With

Teaching Team

Jules Sherman, CEO, Maternal Life LLC
Dr. Lee Sanders, Chief of General Pediatrics at Stanford University


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Email julessherman@alumni.stanford.edu


  • Spring 2018
  • 10 Weeks
  • PEDS 219
  • 3 Units
  • Letter Grade
  • W/F 10:30-11:50


Apply by Friday, March 9

Accepting 12-15 students

Open to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows & Post-Docs

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