What will I learn?


d.compress is a place where students from diverse disciplines uncover, create, and test technologies that help people cultivate work/life balance in modern life. In d.compress, you will be trained to identify non-obvious insights from the daily lives of users. These insights will lead to unconventional product designs that you will rapidly prototype and test to reduce stress and cultivate work/life balance in the lives of real people. We draw upon cognitive & social psychology, HCI, psychophysiology, and interaction design to support the innate drive for balance, focus, and growth.

Topics that may be addressed: social comparison, social isolation, FOMO (the “fear of missing out”), over-working, meditation, screen apnea, multi-tasking, stress, anxiety, intimacy, and more.

Teaching Team

Neema Moraveji, Stanford Calming Technology Lab
Pablo Paredes, HCI at UC Berkeley