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How analogous contexts can get you unstuck and crack open your design challenge.

Are you in a rut with a project or challenge you’re facing? Often we find the best way to get unstuck is to seek inspiration from others—especially when you look outside of the space you’re designing in. Imagine that you’re trying to design a better corporate training program… what could you learn from Cirque Du Soleil? What can you learn from the Stanford soccer team?

In this pop-out class, we’ll dive into the world of analogous research. Come with an authentic challenge or project you’re working on and apply these methods to launch you into a new place. All along the way, we’ll be guiding you with just-in-time design know-how.

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Teaching Team

Gretchen Wustrack
Curiosity Atlas

Jessica Munro
Entrepreneurs by Design & d.school


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  • Spring 2018
  • Class meets on the following dates
    • Wed. April 25, 5-8p
    • Wed. May 2, 5-8p
  • IDEO San Francisco


Apply by Friday, March 9th.

Accepting 16 students
Open to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows & Post-Docs