d.school Pop-Out Proposal | Winter 2020

Pop-Out experiences are taught in-context and apply design thinking methods in the real world. The teaching team will decide on the most appropriate location and make logistical arrangements. All Pop-Out instructors will need to attend a synthesis session to reflect on their experience.

To be considered, Pop-Outs need to:
- be team-taught by people from different disciplines
- be team-based and project-based and projects must use design thinking methods
- admit students from multiple departments and involve interdisciplinary collaboration within student teams

If you would like to send any additional materials (curriculum, mindmaps, etc.) that this form does not cover, please email them to megan@dschool.stanford.edu. The deadline for Fall 2019 proposals is Fri, September 27, 11:59pm.

+Are Pop-Outs limited to weekends only?
       Nope! The teaching team will choose the dates and length of the pop-out. Keep in mind: students don't receive credit for Pop-Outs which can negatively affect participation in longer running workshops.

+Who manages the application process?
      We've got you covered. The Teaching & Learning team will manage student applications through the d.school website.

+Who is eligible to take Pop-Outs?
     While not required, Pop-Outs may be a unique opportunity for our students to collaborate and design WITH members of the community and industry professionals. We DO require that at least 50% of Pop-Out participants are students currently enrolled at Stanford.

+Is there a budget for my Pop-Out?
     We can provide a small budget per Pop-Out for additional workshop materials & expenses. Stanford doesn't allow this budget to cover teaching team travel expenses or honorariums for guest speakers. 

+Who handles space arrangements?
    Teaching teams will manage space and logistical arrangements for their Pop-Out.

+Do Pop-Outs have to stay within the Stanford/Palo Alto area?
     Nope! And please keep in mind the necessary transportation and logistical requirements and overall safety of our students from start to finish.

+Can we host our Pop-Out at the d.school if we want?
   If you love something, set it free. We love hanging out with our students and teaching teams, but we are excited for them to experience design thinking methods outside of the d.school. 

* Required
Name *
If so, please list the name here and provide context for their previous teaching experience. Please send additional materials to megan@dschool.stanford.edu
Please provide enough detail so we can understand the arc of the experience for students.
What design skills will students learn from this course
For more context on the core design abilities check out this article: http://bit.ly/2mlIbPC
Please be specific. Your concerns might be about working with new collaborators or around how to teach a specific topic, etc.
Please note if you plan on engaging any class partners and how that relationship will be structured.
Are you applying for a Teaching & Learning Grant? *
These grants are a way for our teaching community to explore specific themes in the context of their class. Equity, engagement and inclusion will continue as a key theme, and we encourage all teaching teams to pursue this theme in some way. For the 2019-2020 academic year, emerging technologies will be another area of focus at the d.school. If you would like to apply for a grant, please be sure to submit a grant proposal form in addition to your class proposal. Apply for a grant using this form: https://forms.gle/wSfLsQUQ4b9ucSe18
Please note the users your students will engage and how those interactions will be structured.
Please identify the potential risks and benefits for specific user groups your students will be interacting with
We will provide a small budget of about $250 for additional expenses. This cannot cover travel expenses of teaching teams or honorariums for guests to your class.
Info for d.school website (student facing)
Please provide info in this format: Full Name, Title or Affiliation. E.g. Sarah Marcey, Qualray Analytics
Please list at least one teaching team member's email to direct student questions
This will go on our website. Write this like you are pitching the workshop to a student. Include details of what you will cover and what you hope students will gain from this class.
Who is this Pop-Out open to? *
Select all that apply (At least 50% must be Stanford students)
Students will apply through a general application. You can ask students to answer a supplemental question for your class. If not specified, the supplemental question will be "In 75 words or less, why do you want to take this workshop?"