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Submit your pre-work submission here!

Be sure to read the Pre-work and Scoping Guide documents, and think through the work before submitting here.

We expect your project framing may change through the experience in the workshop. Still, you will benefit from creating a first draft in advance. This will not be shared publicly; members of the DSS teaching and coaching team will review your responses.

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(SERVICE/EXPERIENCE/OFFERING) What do/will you produce and implement? Indicate those targeted/affected as specifically as possible (in a way that bounds the endeavor).
(INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME) (NEAR STAR) What changes do you (aim to) create? The qualitative and quantitative impact you have seen or desire within 3-5 years, due to your program.
(GUIDING STAR) Articulate and visualize a desired new future state. (Imagine a city/community where…) Provide specific changes and the desired ultimate impact.
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What are you aiming to do?
For what group of people are you designing?
When is comes down to it, what are you trying to figure out?