The K-12 Lab started with a question: Why is it that all students start kindergarten with innate creative confidence, but few of them still have it when they graduate from high school? The lab's work centers on helping schools and teachers around the world re-think their approach to developing creativity.

Through teacher workshops, the lab has enabled teachers –from East Palo Alto to India—to transform their classrooms into design thinking shops where students take charge of their own learning. The lab also works with a range of partners in industry and the non-profit sector to influence education policy. No Teacher Left Behind, a spring quarter class, offers students at Stanford a chance to work on real-world projects addressing some of biggest challenges facing schools, like how to increase teacher effectiveness. One of the lab’s first projects applied the’s learnings about creating collaborative learning spaces to the creation of a 3,500 square foot innovation lab for a Bay Area school.

For more information, check out the lab’s website. Resources for teachers are also available on the K-12 wiki.