From Maps to Meaning

Wednesday and Friday Afternoons
May 9, 14, 16 & 21
3:15p – 5:05p
Concept Car
0 Units

Maps. What is a map to you? Is it an old paper Atlas used in grade school? Is it part of an application on your phone that loves telling you to make U-turns? Maps are much more than either of those representations. One of the oldest visual tools created by humans to make sense of the complexities of our world, maps are unique in their ability to synthesize data, convey meaning through spatial logic, and deliver information in high resolution. They are also incredible tools for communication, data sorting, and insight finding. We use many visual tools today not realizing that they are maps or utilizing them to their potential (such as infographics, or a whiteboard containing brainstormed post-its), and some that are not necessarily effective maps (like chartjunk in PowerPoint). In this class, we will look at maps from multiple lenses, experiment in creating a range of map styles, and use maps as a special tool in multiple parts of the design thinking process. Additionally, each student will create a beautiful, original, large-format map by the end of the course.

Teaching Team
Ashish Goel, dschool
Carissa Carter, dschool

Enrollment limited to 15-25 graduate and undergraduate students. Applications close April 14 at 11:59pm. Apply here: