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November 25, 2013
Fellow, 2013-2014


Notes on Legal Design 1a Notes on Legal Design - Margaret Hagan - 2 Notes on Legal Design - Margaret Hagan - 3

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  1. jess

    Hey, as someone who has worked as both a solicitor and as a designer, I couldn’t say it better myself. There is so much room for improvement in the legal sector.

    Most of my colleagues think I am crazy when I suggest we use more design / creative thinking in our working lives.

    I think one of the largest barriers to design thinking in the legal sector is enabling a workforce that largely thinks logically / analytically / sequentially to genuinely and authentically engage with their creative selves. This is quite difficult when most lawyers roll their eyes once ‘innovation’ is mentioned (along with the risk taking, nimble, adaptive, rule bending and left brained mindset the buzzword generally calls to mind.)

    Good luck!

  2. Jose Torres

    The Faculty of Law at the University Sergio Arboleda in Bogotá, Colombia, has just started a Innovation in Law initiative!! How can we get in touch? We want tk share our ideas

  3. jess

    Hey Margaret,

    As someone who has worked as a lawyer and designer, I couldn’t agree more. The legal industry desperately needs more design thinking (although my colleagues think I’m crazy whenever I suggest this / point out the similarities).

    I think the biggest barrier to incorporating more design thinking into the legal sector will be enabling logical / sequential / analytical thinkers to meaningfully and authentically engage with the left sides of their brain. ‘Innovation’ / design and the risk taking, agile, adaptive, quick, nimble, rule bending, big picture thinking mindset it brings to mind has a bad rap in the legal sector.

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