d.compress: Designing Calm

Mindful Designers Create Mindful Experiences

Canceled Spring 2014.

Mon 1:15p – 4:05p
Studio 1
EDUC 328A/ CS 377D
2-3 Units
Letter Grade
Launched 2011

Interactive products that create calm in our lives? Now there’s an idea. In this project-based course, students will design prototypes that aim to create a calm state of mind as users work, travel, communicate, and play. Sample student projects will include calming approaches to email, wake-up routines, exercise, and driving in traffic.

Given the impact that designers are having on global society, it is imperative that the designers themselves learn how and when to include mindfulness, compassion, and self-regulation techniques in the design process itself. This course will give students the opportunity to develop greater self-awareness.

Stress hinders our performance and experience of life. In-class and homework activities will help students theoretically understand and personally experience calming practices in three domains: physiology, cognition, and emotion.

This course will draw upon Stanford’s engineers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and tinkerers to transform reflective insights into compelling user experiences.

Canceled for spring 2014.

Teaching Team
Neema Moraveji, Stanford Calming Technology Lab
Pablo Paredes, HCI at UC Berkeley


d.compress: Designing Calm